Dear Customer!
First of all, on behalf of Luxury Golf Vietnam Company, I would like to send you the most respectful greetings, and best wishes for health, success and happiness.
Vietnam Luxury Golf Travel Company (English transaction name: Luxury Golf Group., Ltd) was officially established on October 10, 2013 – the Director of the Company is Mr. Le Van Chung, with 15 years of experience in operating and managing a number of golf courses in Vietnam, he sees the birth of Vietnam Luxury Golf Travel Company as a big boom in Golf Services in Vietnam. Male. The company was born with the mission of serving customers with the best and most luxurious service, connecting the passions and experiences of Golf in Vietnam as well as enjoying the most enjoyable vacations. Luxury Golf Group has chosen for itself the path to the top quality and prestige.
As an enterprise specializing in the field of golf services and the first company certified as a company specializing in organizing golf events and tournaments in Vietnam; With a team of highly trained and trained professional staff, a professional, closed, experienced working process, and specially trained by Luxury Golf Tours in professional golf to serve the customers. The target audience is Golfers. The people of Luxury Golf Group are always cultivated, cultivated and aware of the mission of serving their customers. “Connecting passion” and “Perfect luxury service” are the mission of Luxury Golf Group towards golfers around the globe.
Vietnam has more and more golf courses, related golf services are growing along with the increasing demand for golf and resort, but the competition is very strong. Luxury Golf is also always improving, constantly listening to goodwill comments, as well as serious criticisms to strive to improve service quality, improve competitiveness, improve management processes, and improve service quality under the motto: "Never stop learning, creating".
Luxury Golf Group always appreciates the fundamental value for development, which is the opportunity to cooperate with customers. And there is no difficulty that can prevent us from bringing high-class tournaments and services in accordance with the wishes and interests of our customers. We believe that with the united and strong Luxury Golf team and the support of customers, Luxury Golf Group will surely achieve more success in the future.